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 The Gators Top Squads (A, B, C, D squads) is for the dedicated and committed swimmer who wishes to take their sport to the next level.  The amount of commitment required from both parent and swimmer alike should not be under-estimated.  Attendance at a minimum number of sessions per week is required including early mornings depending upon Squad Level.  Top Squads are also required to keep a Training Log Book of their pb's, goals and objectives in conjunction with their coach.

Morning training sessions are 1.5 hours duration
Evening training sessions are 2 hours duration

For information on the aspirations, commitment required, and training timetable for each of the Gators Top Squads click on the links below.

D Squad

C Squad

B Squad

A Squad

Top Squad Selection Criteria

When the Head Coach and Assistant Head coach select swimmers for the Top Squads they consider the following:-

  • the swimmers stroke technique
  • a demonstrated ability that the swimmer can handle the tough training regime
  • the swimmer's ability to handle the psychology of the group
  • the swimmer's abillity to compete well
  • attitude and whether the swimmer is prepared tomake the commitment


Coach/Swimmer Ratios 

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