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BWFSC (Gators) endeavours to anticipate the needs of disabled swimmers to ensure that they are treated equally to everyone else and that they will have access to services, facilities etc. on an equal basis.

Swimming in an inclusive sport and this means ensuring that able-bodied and disabled swimmers have access to the same chances to complete  Whatever the ability of its swimmers BWFSC endeavours to provide the best opportunities it can for all of its members.

If you are disabled person, can swim 15 meters or more and would like to get involved in competitive swimming you will need to complete a Tracker Form.  This form allows the ASA to follow your progress and ensure that you are put in touch with the right people to help you achieve your goals.

If you are interested in competing and have completed a tracker form, you will then need to become 'classfied' in order to compete against swimmers of the same ability.  This process is called 'classification' which is the grouping together of athletes in sport to ensure that there is a fair playing field.  There are two main forms of classification, the functional classification system and the disability specific classification system. 

Please visit the ASA website on where you can find more information on Classification Eligibility and Disability Swimming.

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